About SEO Australia

A 'Real' SEO Agency

We are one of the small number of agencies who are providing ‘Real SEO’ to hungry small to medium businesses. So what is ‘Real SEO’? It is the age-old marketing principles of clear messaging, smart targeting and customer conversion, but used in the online context.

Regular SEO Services don’t usually apply well known and accepted marketing principles, rather they simply ‘add on’ some technical SEO and build a few backlinks onto your already existing website. This is the same as taking an old Holden Commodore and putting a new 8 speed transmission into it – it simply will not and cannot work. This is why thousands upon thousands of businesses have wasted tens of thousands of dollars on outdated and ineffective SEO campaigns.

So how does Real SEO Work?

USP and Messaging

We work with you to craft or refine your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and create clear consistent messaging for your customers. This results in brand consistency and customer awareness.

SEO Website Enhancement

We rebuild or modify your existing website so that Content Messaging and technical SEO can be executed by our proprietary systems, which maps the customer journey and extracts profitable keywords.

Technical SEO and GMB

We use our refined keyword research and proprietary SEO systems to ensure that your messaging and offers are featured across Google search and your Google My Business listing bringing you new customers.

Why Choose SEO Australia?

Why waste money on out of date and tired SEO tactics? Our approach combines tried and true marketing philosophies with the best of digital and search technologies.

High Quality SEO

Our proprietary systems queries millions of keywords and content ideas which we use to create the perfect blend of content and keywords for your business.

On Time Projects

We know that time = money. After all, we are a small business ourselves and understand that any investment you make needs to be returned promptly in high conversions and new sales.

About SEO Australia

Innovative SEO Solutions

As an agency we control all research, content, and project management. Third party consultants and overseas workers are anathema to us. We do it all inhouse to help grow your business.

Dedicated Support

Have questions? Want to follow up progress? You are assigned a dedicated project manager who is available to you at all times. No more frustrating "Your account manager isn't available at the moment, can they call you back?"

What Clients Say

Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, and our source of continual SEO improvement.

"Great business, they provide excellent service and most importantly great SEO results!"
Ben Phillips
Director, TFA Project Group
"SEO Australia maintain our website and manage our SEO (we have been on the first page of Google for the last 12 months for Executive Coaching). It's a turnkey service that they manage with a professional attitude at each step of the way. I highly recommend them."
Joe Watkins
Director, Hewsons Exective Coaching
"We at Southern Grampians Cottages have great faith in the ability of the team at SEO Australia to maximise our results and allow us to outrank our competitors."
george seo client
George Fitzpatrick
Owner, Southern Grampians Cottages
4/5 (4 Reviews)