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Google Ads is Still the Best!

After over 23 years since Google Adwords first came on the scene, Google Ads is still the best and most efficient way of getting clicks to your website – Today! And when we say ‘today’ we mean it. In the past we have launched Google Ad campaigns on the same day we were first approached by a client, who had an offer that they just had to get out there.

Many clients run a two-pronged strategy with a Google Ads Agency like ours: Google Ads up front to get instant traffic to their website, as well as running an SEO programme in the background for medium to long term visibility. As their organic SEO takes over, they reduce their PPC campaign until eventually they are paying nothing up front whilst still receiving regular traffic and sales.

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Pay Per Click Provides Top ROI

Out of all digital marketing methods, Pay Per Click (such as Google Ads) gives you steady leads and returns based on a fixed daily budget. 

Why PPC is the best option for instant results:

  1. You fix your expenditure per day – no guessing about ad costs!
  2. Serve Ads only where you want them to appear – to the kilometre
  3. Allows for unlimited testing of Ads
  4. Stop Ads appearing for certain words and phrases if needed
  5. Schedule Ads to appear only when your team is available
  6. Minimum 2 X Return on your Ad Spend!
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Only Google Ads and PPC Provides Sales On Tap

One of the great things about Google Ads is that you can create, launch and test your Ads and Campaigns whenever you want without worrying about expensive disasters that you didn’t foresee. For example, you may decide that you want us to launch a new campaign for a new service your company provides. Traditionally you would have to outlay many thousands of dollars for a campaign on radio, TV or print, without being certain of its success.

With PPC we can launch your campaign with a limited defined budget, and then watch results over the first few days to see what traction you are getting. If results are good, we can increase expenditure and widen the search area; conversely if results aren’t what we hope, we can modify the campaign Keywords and/or Ads until we get the desired results.

Google Ads really is the only ‘money-printing’ method of digital marketing currently available, if you have an expert Google Ads Agency. Talk to us about Google Ads today.

Frequently Asked Google Ads Questions

If you have a specific question that isn’t listed here, please call 03 9021 8987 to speak with an SEO expert

It is exactly as it sounds - you only pay when a customer clicks! SO whether your Ad is seen 1,000 or 100 times, you only pay when someone clicks your ad is is delivered to your website.

The amount you pay per click is based completely on your product or service, and how competitive your chosen keywords are. For example, if you operate in the highly competitive market of home loans, you can pay upwards of $120 per click; in a low competition market where you are a local business selling a niche product, you may only pay .50c! Talk to us about your likely click costs.

We usually charge a monthly management and monitoring fee to run your PPC campaign. This usually varies dependent on the market you are in, and how many campaigns you run. As a rough guide, our monthly fees range from $500 - $1,500.

The short answer is - No we don't. Unfortunately there are many SEO companies out there who persist in this outdated and frankly mis-leading assertion, that they can 'Guarantee' number #1 rankings. No one can 'guarantee' a number #1 ranking. Google Search Central - Google's offical SEO Channel - says the following: "No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google." A professional and effective SEO Company - like SEO Australia - uses the latest technology and competitive analysis to find out how to bring you the most targeted traffic to meet your sales and marketing goals. If you are comparing which SEO Company to go with, and one of them has offered a 'Guarantee', please contact us and we can show you why this 'guarantee' is meaningless.

The simple answer to this is... yesterday! Rather than wait until your website is finished, or you start blogging, you should hire a search marketing specialist as early as possible so that you can build your online marketing strategy. This strategy determines exactly what kind of SEO campaign you need, and what technical and content SEO needs to be performed for your business. Without an online marketing strategy, your search efforts are doomed to fail.

Yes we do! Unfortunately many businesses have invested in outdated and technical 'SEO services' that have not returned any benefits, and in some cases made your visibility and traffic worse! That is why we developed a new service called 'SEO Rescue'™. We can fix faulty seo programs by auditing your current site, looking at your target market and generating new website design and content that gets you back into Google's good books. For more information on this important service, see our SEO Rescue™ page.