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SEO Australia took us from the concept, through the design and implementation. They maintain our website and manage our SEO (we have been on the first page of Google for the last 12 months for 'Executive Coaching'). It's a turnkey service that they manage with a professional attitude at each step of the way. I highly recommend them.
Joe Watkins coach SEO Australia Client
Joe Watkins
Executive Coach
We at Southern Grampians Cottages have great faith in the ability of the team at SEO Australia to maximise our results and allow us to outrank our competitors.
george fitzpatrick SEO Australia Client
George Fitzpatrick
Great business, they provide excellent service and most importantly great SEO results!
Ben Phillips SEO Australia Client
Ben Phillips
SEO Australia has been working for my new business since I started it a little over one year ago. The results have been great for me, and I have a regular supply of new clients from the SEO Program I subscribe to. I highly recommend SEO Australia for any small business owners.
tulin play therapist seo client
Tulin Kocacik
SEO Australia have managed my SEO requirements for many years now and continues to improve & update my status regularly. Their expertise brings another level of perspective to my industry and how I market myself. I highly recommend them.
Vicky Jamieson
SEO Australia and Phillip have been instrumental in supporting me to create an excellent website, that brings in many enquiries. I have revamped my website a few times over the years and had excellent help and creative, detailed support in all areas that I needed. Phillip responds to my queries quickly and gives good advice. Last year we did a SEO Booster campaign, which has increased my enquiry rate tenfold. Thanks Philip, good to know that you are there.
sue dawson counsellor seo client
Sue Dawson
Working with Phillip has been such a game changer for my small business. Originally I wanted to do online ads myself but after spending time with Phillip I realised that there is so much involved. His knowledge of all things Google/SEO is remarkable and I feel so confident putting my business in his hands. I would recommend him and his expertise to anyone wanting to grow their business.
Lauren Patzwald seo australia client
Lauren Patzwald
The SEO Australia team do a great job with excellent detailed and personalised service for your promotion. Highly recommended.
Steve Kearney SEO Australia Client
Steve Kearney
Film Producer

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Frequently Asked SEO Questions.

If you have a specific question that isn’t listed here, please call 03 9021 8987 to speak with an SEO expert

This is a common question regarding SEO, and the simple answer is - it is not a cost, it is an investment. As with advertising on TV, your investment varies depending upon how much reach you want, how big your market is and what your marketing budget is. Unlike most SEO agencies, we don't do fixed price 'packages' as every business is different. We custom design your digital marketing campaign from scratch based on your ideal market and what kind of return you want from SEO. Contact SEO Australia to get a better idea of your investment ROI.

It is both. Real SEO, which is what we provide, is based on starting campaigns using old fashioned, but timeless, marketing practices. This starts with ensuring that your USP is razor sharp, your messaging is consistent, and your target market is well defined. Without this, any search engine marketing campaign is doomed to failure, as the only 'levers' to pull are technical SEO practices and throwing up as many backlinks as possible. We ensure that the messaging, content, and technical tagging perform together to make your business the 'only choice' for your product or service.

Yes we can! We employ manual tried and true SEO methods and our clients enjoy great results. We research your industry and use the best keywords to increase traffic to your website - traffic from people who are 'ready to buy'. Isn't this the reason you launched your website in the first place?

The short answer is - No we don't. Unfortunately there are many SEO companies out there who persist in this outdated and frankly mis-leading assertion, that they can 'Guarantee' number #1 rankings. No one can 'guarantee' a number #1 ranking. Google Search Central - Google's offical SEO Channel - says the following: "No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google." A professional and effective SEO Company - like SEO Australia - uses the latest technology and competitive analysis to find out how to bring you the most targeted traffic to meet your sales and marketing goals. If you are comparing which SEO Company to go with, and one of them has offered a 'Guarantee', please contact us and we can show you why this 'guarantee' is meaningless.

The simple answer to this is... yesterday! Rather than wait until your website is finished, or you start blogging, you should hire a search marketing specialist as early as possible so that you can build your online marketing strategy. This strategy determines exactly what kind of SEO campaign you need, and what technical and content SEO needs to be performed for your business. Without an online marketing strategy, your search efforts are doomed to fail.

Yes we do! Unfortunately many businesses have invested in outdated and technical 'SEO services' that have not returned any benefits, and in some cases made your visibility and traffic worse! That is why we developed a new service called 'SEO Rescue'™. We can fix faulty seo programs by auditing your current site, looking at your target market and generating new website design and content that gets you back into Google's good books. For more information on this important service, see our SEO Rescue™ page.