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Do you want to be the centre of attention in Melbourne?

If you are operating a small business serving local clientele – like a store, dental clinic, eatery, financial advisor, or healthcare facility – SEO Melbourne is what you need to beat out your competitors.

By utilising our advanced cloud SEO system, you can expect to have your business displayed prominently in Google Maps, Google Local Pack results, organic search results, and more. Our studies indicate that optimising for local searches offers the greatest return on investment and attracts a consistent flow of new business.

With a strong online presence, businesses can increase their visibility in local search results, drive more traffic to their website, and ultimately boost their sales and revenue – with snowballing returns, enhancing your online visibility and increasing the authority of your website (in the eyes of search engines, and hopefully in the eyes of the consumer as well)! Hiring an SEO Agency Melbourne like us that properly utilises local SEO strategies allows businesses to stay competitive in the Melbourne market and connect with their target audience effectively.

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How Do SEO Services Actually Work? - Our SEO Agency Melbourne Explains

Simple! SEO drives qualified traffic to your website and/or your ‘bricks and mortar’ store – by using our advanced Cloud SEO on your website plus ensuring your business is heavily featured in online maps (such as Google Maps).

Before discussing why local search optimisation is crucial for your business, here are some recent stats compiled by leading digital companies:

46% of all Google searches have local intent, meaning mobile search is crucial for local SEO.

97% of consumers will check a company’s website before deciding to visit them.

86% of customers use Google Maps to find local businesses.

78% of local searches on mobile result in an offline purchase.

Why Is SEO Critical for Your Business, and How Can SEO Melbourne Help You?

The statistics provided above clearly illustrate that local search optimisation is no longer a choice, but a necessity for all businesses if they want to survive and succeed in their local area. Imagine this scenario: your ideal customer is just 10km away from your business and urgently needs the products or services you offer. They take out their smartphone and search for what they need, only to see your top three competitors while your business is nowhere to be found. Your ideal customer then clicks on the ‘Call’ button and ends up making a purchase from your competitor that very day. Unfortunately, you have missed out on a potential sale. Now, if you multiply this scenario by at least 365, that is how many potential sales you have lost in a year, and that is just the minimum loss you have incurred if just One person searched for your products or services each day!

In order to compete, it is essential to utilise SEO Services from an SEO Agency Melbourne like ours, which guarantees that when your target audience requires or is researching businesses like yours, you will be prominently displayed as the preferred option. Local search optimisation works like a miniature sales generator, effortlessly attracting potential customers who are ready to make a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a specific question that isn’t listed here, please call 03 9021 8987 to speak with an SEO expert

SEO services are all about increasing visibility. That means that when your local people search for what your business provides, at home or out and about on their smartphone, your business comes up at the top of search.

It is both. Real SEO, which is what we provide, is based on starting campaigns using old fashioned, but timeless, marketing practices. This starts with ensuring that your USP is razor sharp, your messaging is consistent, and your target market is well defined. Without this, any search engine marketing campaign is doomed to failure, as the only 'levers' to pull are technical SEO practices and throwing up as many backlinks as possible. We ensure that the messaging, content, and technical tagging perform together to make your business the 'only choice' for your product or service.

Yes we can! We employ manual tried and true SEO methods, plus the latest cloud technology, and our clients enjoy great results. We research your industry and use the best keywords to increase traffic to your website - traffic from people who are 'ready to buy'. Isn't this the reason you launched your website in the first place?

The short answer is - No we don't. Unfortunately there are many SEO companies out there who persist in this outdated and frankly mis-leading assertion, that they can 'Guarantee' number #1 rankings. No one can 'guarantee' a number #1 ranking. Google Search Central - Google's offical SEO Channel - says the following: "No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google." A professional and effective SEO Company - like SEO Australia - uses the latest technology and competitive analysis to find out how to bring you the most targeted traffic to meet your sales and marketing goals. If you are comparing which SEO Company to go with, and one of them has offered a 'Guarantee', please contact us and we can show you why this 'guarantee' is meaningless.

Great question! We actually encourage our potential clients to approach at least 3 SEO agencies. That way after they have spoken to us, they can then compare what the other SEO's are offering. If the other agencies don't mention some of the key measures outlined, then the decision is easy.

The simple answer to this is... yesterday! Rather than wait until your website is finished, or you start blogging, you should hire a specialist for local SEO Melbourne as early as possible so that you can build your online marketing strategy. This strategy determines exactly what kind of SEO campaign you need, and what technical and content SEO needs to be performed for your business. Without an online marketing strategy, your search efforts are doomed to fail.

Yes we do! Unfortunately many businesses have invested in outdated and technical 'SEO services' that have not returned any benefits, and in some cases made your visibility and traffic worse! That is why we developed a new service called 'SEO Rescue'™. We can fix faulty seo programs by auditing your current site, looking at your target market and generating new website design and content that gets you back into Google's good books. For more information on this important service, see our SEO Rescue™ page.

How do You get Started?

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02. We research your market and website and provide a proposal

After reviewing your current site and then researching your market and ideal customers, we propose a customised solution that will bring you the most quality traffic and the desired results for your campaign.

03. We start re-engineering your Website as a client-getting machine and set KPIs

We get to work on your behalf, and begin building your SEO solution. Once the SEO campaign is underway you can access your online dedicated report to check out your results 24/7. See the great SEO results each day, week and month.